What does the Laplace Transform tell us?

This is not surprising, as it is the ultimate responsibility of businesses seeking to connect with customers to engage them in an impactful and powerful way.

Inspired by a similar interest in actionable ideas, and inspired by the passion and creativity shown by colleagues at the front lines of this great organisation, Syed Haris Sheikh, Managing Director, Louisiana Commercial Media (LCM), was inspired to put himself together and build a structure and create an organization of thinkers.

Souza was an esteemed member of the BCE group and was formerly a Senior Associate, advertising and media at Mother Worldwide. He comes with more than 25 years of experience in the advertising space, having worked at leading agencies around the world.

As an agency owner, Souza has focused on maximizing the potential of digital media, from the experimentation stage to its major impact and impactful. He has also made a strong and lasting contribution to his organization.

Souza brings to his new job and role his experience, reputation, creativity and vision. As he begins his journey in Leading Media Business, he has come to understand the two lessons that he has learnt and apply the same for his entire organization.

One, do not stop what you are doing, but do not stop creating.

Two, imagine your corner corner with hopes and dreams. This may also help you to develop and nurture this same passion, creativity and drive in your business that you enjoyed, and grew into.

As he begins his journey in Leading Media Business, Souza has come to understand the two lessons that he has learnt and apply the same for his entire organization.

Souza has many ideas.

The vision.

In light of market trends and customer needs, Souza has found that you will never be there unless you have your own vision and limitless imagination. Souza sees his role as creating and expanding these ideas and building strong network of ideas in his organization.

Each creative idea and vision has to be based on the practical needs and objectives of the client and therefore Souza needs to be a visionary that can create and expand these ideas and create pathways to build on them.

Today Souza feels that his unique value as an informed thinking professional combines his deep experience in advertising and media, and his commercial media expertise.

Souza had the good fortune to participate in such a great change and work experience, where it was the dominant passion of his client for them to purchase and produce their marketing plan within their budgets. He further believes that his culture and vision have prepared him well for his new role and position, by connecting with his colleagues and the staff of LouisianaBC.

Connecting with employees and clients alike is often very challenging and Souza readily admits that it is a process that he feels he knows how to navigate. In 2013, Souza presented his thoughts on how this worked to clients, and he is always eager to share such valuable insights.

As the co-founder of LouisianaBC, Souza will add another dynamic individual in the BC marketplace: Colby Hill. Colby specializes in real business insights, creativity and strategic ideas in an industry that has gained well over 30 years of global leadership and global financial success.

A visionary and in-demand speaker, Colby has served as the Chief Creative and Executive Creative Officer at the Boston Globe for the past 19 years. From 2011 to 2014, Colby helped The Globe attain a Digital Media Rating Council digital leadership and built a dynamic and scalable multi-platform marketing solution to better engage and sell and reach audiences.

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